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Mission and Vision Statement

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 The Lee County Mission and Vision Statements will serve as the mission and vision of Beulah Elementary School.


  A Tradition of Excellence - A Vision for Tomorrow

  Mission Statement

The Lee County School System will take a prominent role advocating a progressive education for each student in our schools. The mission of Lee County Schools is to educate every student through a comprehensive and academically challenging curriculum taught in a safe and nurturing environment.  We challenge students to pursue dreams, succeed with integrity, and contribute meaningfully to a diverse society.

 Lee County School System's Core Beliefs:

  • All students are valued individuals who can learn.
  • The education of each student is a responsibility shared by students, families, schools, and communities.
  • Each individual achieves best in an environment where physical and emotional safety is guaranteed.
  • Personal integrity is essential to individual success.
  • Learning is a lifelong endeavor.

Vision Statement

The Lee County Board of Education has a responsibility to ensure every student learns at his/her maximum potential and to set standards and expectations for the quality of education through the establishment of graduation requirements, accreditation of local schools, and certification of professionals. The Board of Education, the administration, and the staff of Lee County Schools will continuously focus on:

  • Preparing students for a knowledge-based, technologically enhanced, and culturally diverse 21st century.  
  • Ssupporting each student's success in a learning community.
  • Ensuring a partnership with families and communities to support student learning. 
  • Communicating a vision for improving public education for ALL Lee County students.
  • Guaranteeing that students have an opportunity to learn the skills necessary for their future, either for jobs or further education. 
  • Maintaining a strong partnership between the communities and the schools.
  • Oopening pathways of communication between all groups concerned with education. 
  • Proactively implementing continuous improvement for grades K-12. 
  • Advocating professional development and teacher education programs.

 At Beulah Elementary School, we believe that:

  • Learning is a lifelong process and the quality of that process depends on the involvement of the home, school and community.
  • Reading is the foundation for expanding knowledge and thought.
  • Communication is at the heart of the education process and essential to learning.
  • All students can and have the right to learn.
  • An orderly, safe environment is conducive to learning.
  • Providing role models for teamwork is essential.
  • Adequate funding for materials and personnel are essential.
  • Care for both personal and academic growth must be valued.  A quality education encompasses not just academic needs, but the ability to encourage creativity, self-esteem and respect for one another. 

Beulah School and Community

Beulah School and Community

School Profile

Beulah Elementary School, a public, rural school serving kindergarten through grade six, is located at 4747 Lee Road 270, Valley, Alabama.  Enrollment is now 744 with 38 homerooms.  In addition to 38 homeroom teachers, the instructional staff consists of three full-time and one half-time Physical Education teachers, and an art teacher.  Students are served by one full-time principal, one full-time assistant principal, one full-time counselor, one full-time nurse, two secretaries, and one full-time bookkeeper.  The current school calendar maintains 180 student attendance days.

Our special education department is composed of a full-time speech pathologist, five full-time special education teachers and three full-time paraeducators.  These teachers serve individual students with a variety of exceptionalities including developmental delays, intellectually disabled, learning disabilities, emotional disturbance, and other health impairments.  One gifted-program teacher who serves three schools and comes two days a week to work with our gifted students.

Our media center has a full-time media specialist.  The media center has a large number of books and resources for students, teachers, and parents.  Parents may use the computers in the media center and may check out books, CD's, and videos for their children to read or view at home.  Our media specialist coordinates our Accelerated Reader Program that has greatly motivated many of our students to enjoy independent reading.

Technology is a very important component in enhancing learning in our classrooms.  Each classroom is equipped with networked, internet computers, a digital projector and a document reader.  There is a computer lab located in the K-3 wing that houses twenty-six computers and another located in the 4-6 wing that houses thirty computers.  Students use the computers to improve their reading skills through the Ticket to Read program, strengthen their math and reading skills through the Compass Learning program, do research, and take Accelerated Reader tests.  In addition to the computers in the lab and the classrooms, the students can also use the computers in the media center.  Finally, with the addition of a new computer lab, all students can have computer time on a weekly basis to support instructional goals through technology.

Besides the school office personnel, the support staff of Beulah Elementary includes seven full-time lunchroom staff and four full-time custodians.  We have sixteen school bus drivers who transport about 80% of our students to and from school daily.

Total enrollment at Beulah Elementary School for school year 2014-2015 is 744.  The student population is composed of 15% African-Americans, 1.4% Hispanics, 0.2% Native America Indians, 0.2% Asian-Americans and 83% White. Our students participate in various activities such as Cheerleading, Beta Club, and Safety Patrol.  Several activities occur during the school year such as Parents' School Visitation Day, Grandparents' Day, Students of the Month lunch, Dr. Seuss Week, Field and Family Day, Apple Festival, and Chinese New Year.  Parents are involved and are supportive of our school.  We have an active PTO that coordinates an annual community Harvest Carnival in the fall and Talent Show in the spring.

The school offers an extended Day Program that serves our students before and after school during the regular school days.  Parents may register their child for this program for a minimal fee.  The Extended Day Program offers tutorial services as well as various activities to enhance the children's academic and physical well-being.

Community Profile

Beulah is an unincorporated community approximately ten miles from Opelika and twenty miles from Auburn, Alabama.  It is closest to the city of Valley, Alabama in Chambers County; hence the Beulah Elementary School address is 4747 Lee Road 270, Valley, Alabama. 

Beulah does not have a central business section.  There are a few businesses in the area such as restaurants and convenience stores.  Beulah residents travel to nearby cities for many of their consumer needs and entertainment.  The community's economy is diverse.  Heads of households are employed in the neighboring communities.  Employment varies from blue collar jobs to highly technical careers as well those that require professional degrees.  Child care is available at several local centers.  School-aged children in the community are served by two public schools, Beulah Elementary School and Beulah High School.

A variety of housing facilities can be seen in the locality.  Single homes as well as mobile homes in mobile home parks are available for rent or purchase.  Beulah is also home to many churches of different denominations such as Baptist, Methodist, Disciples of Christ, Seventh Day Adventist, etc.  Community recreational activities for children are sponsored by the Beulah Recreation Association that is fully operated by volunteers from the community.  The Beulah Recreation Association sponsors football, baseball, softball, soccer and basketball leagues for our youth in Beulah.  The schools are the hub for these activities.

Admission Requirements

Students enrolling for the first time in the Lee County School System, students moving from elementary school to middle school in their attendance area or moving to another school within the county are required to bring the following information: immunization record, copy of withdrawal form from previous school, birth certificate, two proofs of residency, photo I.D. of parent/guardian, and a Social Security card.  A parent or guardian must accompany any new student.  Transfers coming from an alternative school will also be assigned to an alternative school, if possible.  Migrant, homeless, English language learners, or neglected/delinquent students may not be denied or delayed enrollment because they lack any of these documents. 

Non-Discrimination Statement

It is the policy of the Lee County Board of Education not to discriminate on the basis of sex, race, religion, creed, color, age, national origin, disability, migrant, homeless, neglected/delinquent, or English language learners in its educational programs, activities or employment.  The Board further provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.  Inquiries or complaints regarding compliance may be directed to the Lee County Board of Education, 2410 Society Hill Road, Opelika, Alabama 36804, 334-705-6000.